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Initiating startup sequence

Hello and welcome. I am Eight Tons and this is my website.

This is the beginning of a long-planned, long-postponed, personally enriching, ridiculous, exciting, silly, serious project of mine. At first I thought it would just be a bit of fun but eventually I decided I should make it into something a little more formal. While I have been planning on and off to finally follow through, I came across a log of a conversation with a friend from 2008 where I mentioned preparing to start this… Three years is probably more than long enough to think about doing something, so I’m finally actually doing it.

The least intellectually-demanding description of what I plan to do is probably nerdcore (or geeksta) hip-hop but that description is still unsatisfying. Even though there are now a wide variety of artists with diverse styles that might be classified under that term, I could see it as a limiting classification. I also see its value as an opt-in genre.

There will be much more to come but I wanted to make note of some of the artists who have inspired me: MC Hawking and mc chris for pushing the envelope, making some great tunes and being entertaining and awesome; Hello, The Future! for executing so brilliantly the documented one-year-plan (with an album already created and another on the way); Kings County Light House for some mind-bendingly good music (and being a great friend). Don’t worry, I have many more sources of inspiration to share later.

There are a lot of song lyrics that involve artists proclaiming their name, informing the listener of their intent to speak, on getting something started, letting them begin, encouragement to throw one’s hands up, and all manner of other frequently repeated and oft-rhymed actions. I hope to be at least a little original but it certainly isn’t easy. While this is the initiation of something I have been thinking about for a long time, finally putting things out into the world is a big step for me. Maybe the world doesn’t need another nerdcore rapper, but I am pretty sure we are far from the saturation point for cleverness. Here’s to getting closer to that limit. “Nothing to it but to do it” as is often said. Here I am, finally giving it a go.

I have so much more to say but there is plenty of time for that.  Check back for insights, commentary, works-in-progress and much more. I hope I can occasionally bring music to your ears and a smile to your face.

Also, today happens to be Mother’s Day, so if you can, give Mom a hug or a call.


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