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Amanda Palmer knows how to treat her fans

I hope that eventually I will have some fans, so it wouldn’t hurt to know a few good ways to reach out and connect with them. Namely, since they are fans, to give them more of what they want. (Y’know, aside from music.) I remember hearing Jeff Bezos talk about customer service in 1998 on C-SPAN and specifically how important it is in an online business, where the customer is physically separated from the retail space, to have excellent customer service. What stood out for me was mentioning the fact that periodicals treat their best customers the worst and their worst customers the best. For example, the business subscriber to Newsweek or Time Magazine is willing to pay full price but the casual home subscriber will be offered attractive deals in order to ensure they can continue to be counted (and used during negotiations for advertising rates).

From the article, “Think Like a Rockstar: Create something amazing for the people that love you“:

“Companies, if you want to be successful, follow Amanda’s approach: Find a way to connect with your biggest advocates, and delight them.  Don’t worry about selling anything to them, create something amazing for them, and then watch as they take the initiative and promote you and maybe even gush about you to their friends and networks.  The end result is that you’ll get those sales you wanted to begin with, but the added bonus will be that you’ll also create a way to excite and delight your biggest advocates in the process.”

In other news, I am disappointed in Justin Bieber’s song Common Denominator, not just because it sounds like someone toying around with a Casio keyboard but that there is a near-complete lack of math. Perhaps it should have been called, instead, Lowest Common Denominator.

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