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Gear for your Ear

While not as catchy as “Skills to pay the bills” I thought I would go over some of the tools I’m planning to make use of in creating my songs.

I’m planning to use Audacity to tweak samples and possibly add the vocals back to the final track. It’s a great piece of software and has a Lisp-based plugin called Nyquist that I hope to use at some point, too.

For actually creating the tracks, I have Renoise, a tracker-based sequencer and audio effects engine. I’m going through a few tutorials now and hope to grok it soon.

For a few accent scratches, there’s the excellently-named TerminatorX. I’ve been having a few  problems getting it to run on my 64-bit Debian system but I may just submit a bug report and hope for a new packaged version.

Finally, on the hardware side, I  have a Beat707 that I’ve managed to get a few patterns made with. It does help to have the USB MIDI connection, too, so I can actually hear what the pretty blinking lights actually mean.

Today is also IPv6 day, but what I don’t understand is why some companies are turning it off after just one day…

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